Welcome to Adore Sleep

Hey there & welcome to Adore Sleep!

My name is Vicki and I live in the leafy, Hills District of Sydney, NSW with my husband, four sons and two dogs.  My motivation for creating Adore Sleep was that I really love the creature comforts of home and am a very big supporter of buying from Australian businesses.   

So if you do too & also like a little bit of pampering & creating a relaxing atmosphere – you are absolutely in the right place!  You are HOME, friend … thanks for dropping by 😊

My love of pyjamas started as a child & I would happily wear them all day if I could.  My Mum had a knack of finding THE most comfy PJs around. Coming home from school & finding a new pair of pyjamas on my bed absolutely MADE. MY. DAY.   And it wasn’t something that would happen often either – usually seasonally or if I’d had a growth spurt – so it was definitely something I appreciated & considered pretty special.

Putting on my PJs after having a bath always made me feel like the weight of the world had just been lifted.  It was like having a big, warm hug that said “Everything’s OK – you can breath out now”. And in pyjamas, you can … because, well… “elastic”. 😉

Now as a Mum of four & living with the stresses of a modern world, it’s the first thing that I suggest when one of my kids are feeling overwhelmed or tired –  “Why don’t you have a bath, put your pyjamas on & see if that makes you feel a bit better”.  (I have sons & also having snacks ready for them when they’re done definitely helps as well.) 

Hey, it doesn’t fix all the problems, but a relaxed mind helps to make room for clearer thoughts & untangles the emotions attached to what might be worrying you. It’s worth a try, right?

Feeling comforted, supported & loved …. I am truly grateful that I grew up feeling that way & pyjamas remind me of that ❤.  I hope that you enjoy looking around here & find something special that you or someone you love can look forward to receiving.

Wishing you good days & nights ahead,


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